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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  April 10, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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nashl nationals for the first time in almost two years say that dthey. they start a series today against the mets, i believe. meteorologist bill henley has the most accurate first alert weather. great day for baseball -- >> and for anything else you're going to be doing. a little bit of a chill this morning. down to 40 now in the lehigh valley. get ready for a sunny skies, 48 at 7:00. look at this 10:00, 64 degrees. a similar warmup for the suburbs, new jersey, philadelphia, look at these temperatures this afternoon. near 80 degrees in new jersey. plenty of sunshine at the shore. 76. 78 degrees in the suburbs. and for philadelphia, 80 along with delaware this afternoon. pretty warm day today. and there's even warmer weather ahead. we'll look at the trend when i come back in just ten minutes. first, jessica boyington has the first alert traffic. and we're starting off on route 202, our cameras around route 29, we have no problems right now. you see cars both directions, northbound, southbound, doing okay. a seven-minute drive time moving from this point around 29 and
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heading to the schuylkill expressway. speeds are into the 60s, as well. mostly all across the board we're seeing good speeds, good travel times, the schuylkill expressway the same story. eastbound moving toward center city from the blue route to the vine. a 13-minute trip. average speeds into the high 50s or the low 60s there on that westbound side. no problems reported there. but we'll end with mass transit. that's because septa's having problems for the route 11 service. they're shuttle bussing passengers between 40th street portal and 58th due to police activity because of an incident just near that area. we'll keep you update there. a heads up before you head out the door, you might be in some delays or see problems before you do. back to you. new this morning, police arrest a man after a hit and run in hunting park. two people were hurt including one who is now fighting for his life. nbc10's pamela osborne joins us live from temple university hospital where the victims are recovering. pam, the carnismed in the crash -- car involved in the crash was found outside a home. tell us more. >> reporter: it was, and the
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male victim that you mentioned who was very injured, critically injured, is recovering here at temple hospital. a second victim, a woman, is in stable condition with a broken leg following the hit-and-run accident. right now, you're looking at exclusive video of a person being taken into custody at a home on fraley street. he was later arrested by authorities. we're not showing his face because he hasn't been charged yet. we do know police tracked down the vehicle just before midnight. we got a look, and you see the damage to the windshield there. police say there was fresh blood on the car, as well. and the car's license plates had been removed by the time they tracked it down. according to police, the suspect vehicle hit the victims at 6th and erie and hunting park at 10:30 last night. investigators recovered a broken mirror at the scene that belonged to the car, as well. after talking to investigators, the registered owner of the vehicle was arrested. we also know that driver was being tested for drugs and
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alcohol. reporting live at temple university hospital, i'm pamela osborne, nbc10 news. and now for a look at some of the stories happening today that we're following for you. >> we begin in northeastern p.a. that's where prosecutors will continue to lay out their evidence theying eric frein to the -- tying eric person to e to the shooting. two pennsylvania state troopers. his father testified saying he had not been in their home for months before the shooting. witnesses also laid out a list of things found in frein's hideouts including comedy dvds, guns, ammo, and sniper training manuals. in new castle county, testimony's expected to wrap up in the trial of three teens accused in the death of a delaware high school student. amy joyner frances died on the bathroom floor at howard high school. technology shortly after she was attacked by three female students. today at the white house, president trump's pick for the supreme court, judge neil gorsuch, will be sworn in as an associate justice. on friday, the senate confirmed gorsuch after a bitter battle.
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democrats blocked his nomination last week. republicans then changed the rules so that he could be confirmed with fewer votes. gorsuch will be on the high court to hear the final 13 cases of the current term. today, secretary of state rex tillerson is in italy for the first leg of a diplomatic visit to europe. he will meet with top diplomats from other fashions before flying to moscow -- other nations before flying to moscow. tomorrow he will hold talks with his russian counterpart presumably on syria and other issues. over the weekend, tillerson publicly blasted syria and its ally, russia, in the wake of the chemical attack against civilians in syria. president trump is condemning yesterday's church bombings in egypt. two separate explosions at cockpitic christian churches during -- coptic christian churches during palm sunday services. the first was at a church 50 miles from cairo. authorities believe someone planted a bomb underneath a pew. the second service outside a
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church in alexandria, egypt's second largest city. egypt's president declared a state of emergency for the next three months. isis has taken credit for the deadly violence. after the attacks, president trump tweeted out, "so sad to hear the terrorist attack in egypt. u.s. strongly condemns. i have great confidence that presidenti al sisi will handle the situation properly." in montgomery county, the terrorist attacks in egypt are having an impact on worshippers. a makeshift memorial stands outside of st. george coptic orthodox church in norristown. some of the parishioners have family or friends who died or were injured in the bombing. the father had to break the news about his congregation. it was supposed to be a celebration of palm sunday. >> i saw people tearing. people were shocked. >> the faithful are calling those who died in egypt martyrs. five minutes past 5:00.
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we have new details on friday's deadly truck rampage in sweden. the suspect had been ordered to leave swedenent december after his -- sweden in december after his request for citizenship was requested. he raced down a mall and rammed his truck into an upscale department store. four people were killed. in southern wisconsin, schools are closed as police search for a man who sent anti-government manifesto to president trump. joseph jakubowsky is accused of stealing weapons from a gun shop last week. he also set his car on fire, threatened to harm schools or public officials, and mailed a 161-page manifesto to president trump detailing anti-government grievances. the fbi is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. 5:06. today, dylann roof is set to
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plead guilty to state murder charges in the deadly mass shooting at a south carolina church. he was sentenced to death for killing nine parishioners at choirl charleston's emmanuel ame church. his plea is to avoid the death penalty on the state level. at home, two fwragarages wep in flames near 27th and willard. crews had it under control in minutes. you see the heavy damage. no one was hurt. and less than three miles from that fire, crews were called to this home on east gasolial gapy avenue. -- allegheny avenue. everyone is doing okay. in montgomery county today, a busy road will be closed so construction crews can put in new water mains. belmont avenue between city heavy and rock hill road will be shut down every day between 9:00 and 3:00 through april 28th. drivers should follow detours and allow for extra time.
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eight minutes after 5:00, 48 degrees in philadelphia. and it is going to be nice and sunny at the shore today. but it's going to be cooler, too. a sea breeze will develop this afternoon. that's going to be the cool spot. chilly numbers this morning in the suburbs and in south jersey. it's dropped into the 30s for some neighborhoods. lumberton, pemberton, 38 degrees. adco, 37. in the upper 40s in turnersville, paula lyons grove at 41. 46 in robinsville. a range of temperatures thanks to a lighter wind this morning. the wind does pick up. notice the direction. that's a southwest wind. love that. it's going to warm us up to june-like levels for today. we'll go from the 50s to the 60s to the 70s, topping out almost off the chart at 80 this afternoon in philadelphia. and through it all, sunny skies. look how clear it is. nothing to show you on the radar for today. but later this week, we will have some showers coming in. you'll just need the sunglasses.
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a warmup in philadelphia, 66 at 11:00. by 3:00, 77 and climbing. the suburbs, sunshine all day. taking the chill off the morning temperatures quickly. 64 in the lehigh valley. by 3:00 in the afternoon, middle 70s. the shore temperatures, there they are. temperatures will start at 50 degrees heading to the 60s. the sea breeze keeps temperatures down at the shore. the rest of area warm into the upper 70s to near 80 for delaware and for new jersey. there is a trend for warmer temperatures tomorrow. this is the trend that started over the weekend. that's where it ends. comes down starting on wednesday. we could see showers in philadelphia and dover, allentown and wildwood showers, too. toward the end of the week, we'll see temperatures in the low to mid 60s. i'll take you beyond that, look at your upcoming weekend with the ten day on 10 when i'm back in ten minutes. >> all right. thank you. about ten minutes past 5:00 a.m. on this monday, april 10th.
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we'll look at roads out there. and the boulevard. >> yep. nbc10's first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has that. how's it look? we're watching the boulevard, and no problems so far. most of the roads look similar to this now. a few cars out the door. they're dry, though. everything's moving just fine. again, around wissihicken, so far, so good. there was a shooting in this area causing problems for septa's route 11 service. they're shuttle bussing passengers between 40th street portal and 58th due to police activity in the area because of the shooting. we'll end on 95 moving through delaware. no big problems. you see everything's green. ten minutes in both directions north and south from 295 to 495. back to you. >> thanks. 5:10. a retail shakeup. chain stores continue to close up shop across the country including here in philadelphia. we'll tell you why experts say stores need to start adapting to high-tech changes. plus, mysterious
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disappearance. an all-out search this morning for a former major league baseball player. and flying away. the frantic effort to stop an out-of-control bounce house with kids inside. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers. by the time the drugs ran out, i was addicted.
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adapt or die. that's the message from retail experts watching the closure of so many big-name retail stores. >> last week we learned 20 payless stores are closing. they join retailer giants like sears, kmart, macy's, penney's, they blame competition from online stores like amazon, but online shopping is only 8% of the shopping we all do. queens university marketing professor steve cox argues that brick and mortar stores have a big advantage. >> you can buy almost anything on line that you can buy at lowe's. why would you buy it at lowe's? you've got somebody saying -- telling you the difference in appliances. >> other consultants say stores need adapt by reducing the size
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of their companies and increasing the personal touch. former outfielder otis nixon is missing. he was last seen saturday leaving his home in the atlanta suburbs to play golf. nixon is 58 years old. he played for several teams during his 17-year career, most notably for the atlanta braves. after failing to win a major tournament in his life, earnings yo garcia needed -- sergio garcia needed sudden death to win at augusta. take a look. >> after so many years, once and for all for sergio! >> yeah. incredible. he edged justin rhodes in the one-hole playoff win to win the biggest event in golf. and of course that coveted green jacket. meanwhile, a teenager is hoping to become the new voice of his generation. ♪ >> i liked him from the second he got picked to be on the show.
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mark isiah is on team adam. he lives in mt. pocono. 19 years old. grew up singing, but he never imagined he'd be able to perform in front of a crowd. now he's competing on the final round of the knockouts in order to make it to the live playoffs. and you can catch "the voice" here on nbc 10 beginning at 8:00 tonight. 16 minutes past 5:00 a.m. breaking news out of the woodland avenue in southwest philadelphia where a man was shot in the hip. the victim returned fire on the person that was shooting at him. and police are telling us they believe the suspect may have been wounded. the victim had a gun permit. this, of course, is causing delays in traffic in the area and causing septa delays, as well. >> and jessica has been talking about that. let's update you on what's going on. 5:16. fill us in. of course now we have road closures in the area. police activity on the scene there, as well. we're dealing with some septa problems. so this would be for septa's route 11 service.
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now that right now they are shuttle bussing passengers between 40th street portal and 58th street due to the police activity in the area. you definitely want to check before you go there. it might really mess with your commute, especially if it stays out here for a long time which, of course, we'll have updates on that. and again, the next one in ten minutes. on the roads, 95 around gerard avenue. no problems so far. southbound right in here, that's what's moving toward center city. and that's where we typically see more of the delays at this time. right now, we're okay. 13 minutes southbound from woodhaven to the vine street expressway. speeds into the early 60s. we'll end on the 42 freeway. and drive times here. northbound from 55 to the walt whitman bridge. a five-minute trip. southbound, moving more toward the shore area but at least from philly toward 55, a five-minute trip there, as well, with average speeds into the mid 50s. >> all right. thank you. 5:17. just talking about watching the masters yesterday. i watched it on television. sergio garcia -- i was watching, listening to the birds chairmanning and watching the --
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>> i was doing lawn work. it was incredible outside. >> gorgeous day. i'm watching tv, and i'm thinking -- it will be nice the next couple of days, going to be great. can't wait to see bill tomorrow to hear more about. it here we are. >> bill, i always can't wait to see you. >> especially when i'm bearing good news, and i am doing that today. skies are clear right now in easton. a little chilly this morning. we're going to see a big warmup this afternoon. even warmer than what we had enjoyed over the weekend. 30s now in south jersey. 48 in philadelphia. delaware, 46. there are 30s in the suburbs and the lehigh valley, 40 degrees. and there are some chillier neighborhoods, but not by a lot in philadelphia. andora, 42 now. summerton has dropped to 39. fox chase, 48. port richmond, 52. a range of temperatures. everybody's going to see sunshine this morning at the bus stop. quakertown, exton, reading, a cool start, yes, in trenton, a big warmup for atlantic city, wilmington, and philadelphia. right along the coast, it's
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going to be chillier. inland, just a bit, you'll see the warmer temperatures this afternoon. for sunshine, yeah, plenty of it today. sunny skies today, and again tomorrow. the warmup continues tomorrow. there are clouds building to the west. and that line of showers doesn't look significant, but it does have some thunderstorms in it. those thunderstorms may not reach us, but we could see some showers early wednesday morning. some severe weather that's moving into illinois at this hour. a long way to go before us. there's the possibility of thunder and lightning. it looks like it's not going to be widespread rainfall. by tuesday evening, tomorrow evening, you see some of the showers in harrisburg and north of the lehigh valley. that will give us a chance of showers as we go into wednesday. that will cool things down for the end of the week. until that happens, we're on a warming path. 80 degrees this afternoon. 84 tomorrow after a morning low of 56. then the clouds that are in the midwest arrive on wednesday. first thing in the morning, 72,
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a chance of showers. not a lot of rainfall for the area. 67 on thursday. temperatures coming down heading into friday. sunny skies for friday. and we'll start the weekend with lots of sunshine. there's a chance we'll see some rain showers on sunday with another warming trend. not as significant as what we're going to see for today and tomorrow. and the low 70s for monday. and then back to the 60s next tuesday and wednesday. >> all right. thank you. a special moment for an atlantic city man at the center of a viral video. we'll tell you how steve harvey is honoring him for breaking up a fight between a pair of teens. and new heights. a real-life iron man. also, friendly skies. we'll tell you why airlines are getting better ratings for their service.
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a new report is giving airlines better grades. plus, game stop is looking into a possible data breach. susan lee is here with those
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stories in the cnbc business news. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tracy. that's right, a new report today is giving u.s. airlines better grades across the board. it's viewed as a benchmark for the industry as it uses government data to rate airlines in crucial areas such as on-time performance, baggage handling, and complaints. and it shows that airlines posted their best numbers ever last year in those categories. game stop is in the news. it's confirmed that it's looking into a possible data breach. the security blog reports that card numbers, expiration dates, addresses, and three-digit security codes are among the information that was stolen and showed up for sales on the internet. game stop isn't providing many details in this case. that includes how many people were actually affected. wall street will be looking to get back on track. futures are pointing higher this morning so far. the markets are coming off a
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negative week with the dow slipping into the red on friday. that followed the weaker than expected jobs reports. we'll get data this week on import prices, inflation, and retail sales. the dow fell six points on friday. we're kicking off at 20,656. nasdaq down one point, 5,877, where we're starting this morning. back to you. >> susan li, thanks. 5:25. 48 doegegrees. there's a chill in the air. the warmup that started over the weekend will continue today. the exception will be the shore. a sea breeze will be blowing, keeping things cool this afternoon. that's a live drive view of cape may from the marquee de la fayette hotel. the neighborhood forecast ahead. first, let's see how the roads are looking on a monday morning. jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. i am. we're watching it quiet so far.
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the schuylkill expressway in both directions, looking good east and westbound. conshohocken looking good. sticky spots when i come back. and tensions rising. the new warnings by the white house following air strikes in syria and how russia is reacting. >> reporter: good morning, i'm matt delucia live in center city. talking about the road closures ahead of the nfl draft. some are already in effect. at nature valley, we know that you have to put good in here to be great out there. real good energy. real delicious energy. nature valley granola bars. just good. you don't normally run through a meadow at sunrise. but once you indulge in rich, dark chocolate, lightly salted almonds and slow roasted peanuts...
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impact on the roads. drivers will begin facing closures because of the nfl draft. what you need to know for the morning commute. message of hate. vandals leave behind a trail of damage and a hateful symbol in hay local neighborhood. on edge. russia and iran show support for
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syria following u.s. air strikes, and now american warships are on the move. 5:30 monday morning. a beautiful day. good morning, and welcome to "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. some places could hit 80. let's get to meteorologist bill henley and the most action arrest nbc10 first alert forecast. bill? we didn't see that this weekend, but we saw lots of sunshine. that will continue today. a cool morning. a range of temperatures, 48 in philadelphia. look at new jersey, down into the 30s in some neighborhoods and 40 degrees in the lehigh valley. delaware, 46 degrees. one of the warmer spots, sunshine. after a morning in the 40s, it starts in the 40s. heading into the 60s by 10:00 in the morning. look at the wind that develops. it will be out of the southwest at nine miles per hour, and it will be stronger this afternoon. that's going to boost the temperatures to near 80 degrees for philadelphia and the suburbs. up to 79 degrees in new jersey


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